Wälde, Klaus: Applied Intertemporal Optimization

Edition 1.2 plus: Textbook and Solutions Manual (2012) out now!


Top download in repec books!

This book has been a top download at repec ever since it became available in March 2009. It has always been either the #1 download (current month and 3 months) or it was among the top 3 downloads. As downloads of students in my classes do not count (they have direct access to the pdf-file without being redirected to repec), I strongly hope that this is a good indicator of quality :-)

The book can be used for teaching in third year Bachelor classes and in Master and PhD classes. PhD courses would typically focus on part III and IV. In Mainz, there is a third year Bachelor course which teaches mainly the deterministic parts I and II of this book. In the joint PhD Programme of the Universities of Darmstadt, Frankfurt and Mainz, a selection from parts I to IV with an emphasis on parts III and IV is taught in the first year in the compulsory course "mathematical methods, part 2". The book can be downloaded freely by clicking on the download button above.

Distribution list

The lecture notes are updated regularly. Those who would like to be kept up to date with any changes to the text can subscribe to a distribution list. Please send an email to klaus at waelde dot com with subject subscribe AIO textbook. This distribution list will also be used to inform about typos and the like. Unsubscribing will be possible at any time by sending an email to the same address with the subject unsubscribe AIO textbook. There will be no more than two emails per year, if at all.

Buy your own copy

Printing more than 300 pages is sometimes a hassle. The printer breaks down, bookbinding takes time and short-cuts will not deliver a book which is of long-run help. So, if you prefer a printed version to the free download from this page, we are happy to send you this book as published by Know Thyself - Academic Publishers. The book has the standard book size (right between A5 and A4) and it has a wonderful cover. The best feature of the book, however, is its solution manual. The book contains a selection of solutions to problem sets in the text. These solutions are not available in the online version.

The price is 34.90 EUR for OECD and 29.90 EUR for non-OECD countries. Both prices include shipping worldwide. The reduced non-OECD price is available if both shipment and invoice address are in a non-OECD country. A list of OECD Member countries is available here. If you wish to be able to track your book while being shipped, please choose the option "with tracking number".

Payment is via PayPal using the box on the right-hand side. Please make sure that the address for delivery in PayPal is the correct one. Representatives of libraries and of other institutions can also order by using our order form.

The book is available for sale as of September 2012. It is perfect for summer holidays ... :-) and for the winter term ... and as a Christmas present :-)


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